Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

iPad is the best tablet released this year, anyone who is updated about the IT world surely knows about this. It also possesses remarkable features which makes it the best one available today. But you don’t have to limit your tablet choices to iPad alone. You must be aware that this extraordinary device also has its competitors. Manufacturers have already assured the public that they would release a tablet some time soon. Some even boast that they would release a product that would offer more than an iPad can, and the title for the best tablet existing today may be entitled to a different product by then.
galaxy tab vs ipad

A new tablet will be released this November, and no it’s not from Apple. It is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and I want to compare these two tablets that will be available for sale at the same time in the market. In the succeeding minutes, we will see how Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad is different or same with each other.

When you compare the specs of these two devices, you will see that a Samsung Galaxy possesses a 7 inch multi-touch capacity screen with the resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. iPad on the other hand, has a 9.7 inch identical screen with an IPS panel. With these information, it is clear that the iPad has a better screen. But when it comes to portability, Samsung Galaxy Tab has the upper hand. It is not such a satisfying experience to watch movies on iPad because of the 4:3 ratio, and its glossy exterior affects the screen visibility when exposed to sunlight. So I guess, this point goes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Now let’s compare the weight and size of the two tablets. Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy tab, having the weight of 0.84 LBS, weighs lesser than iPAd which has 1.6 LBS. This is a total knockout for iPad because it is heavier than the Samsung Galaxy and it is lesser convenient to bring it when travelling compared to its counterpart. Another point goes to Samsung Galaxy Tab.
When it comes to connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Tab possesses everything. It has A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth V.3.0 and 3G. Whilst iPad offers Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth V.2.1 features. Samsung Galaxy may have more connectivity options here, but an upgraded iPad is already available in the market. This would give the same connectivity features as the Samsung Galaxy has. So the points for this category go to both tablets.

Moving on to applications and other features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has many custom made applications that is available in the Android store, while the iPad applications can be acquired from the well known Apple store.

The best tablet actually depends on your own preference. Samsung Galaxy Tabs offer a lot of fun and useful applications. So if you’re fond of applications, Samsung Galaxy is a better choice. But if you believe that the iTunes library and the Apple Books store could better supply your needs, then go for Apple iPad instead.

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