Using An iPhone With US Cellular

It’s what a lot of US Cellular customers ask for, but right now it’s just not happening.  I’ll try to explain why you can’t unlock it, and how long it might be before you can use an iPhone with US Cellular.

Iphone US Cellular

The iPhone runs on a GSM network, but US Cellular works on a CDMA based network.  It’s not a bad thing, just an issue because Apple hasn’t made a CDMA version yet.  Another carrier with this same issue is Verizon.  If you’re wondering why there has been such a boom in the Android and Samsung Galaxy style phones, it’s because these CDMA carriers needed an iPhone competitor.

At this point, Verizon is the largest cell phone carrier in the country so Apple is under major pressure to create a version that would be compatible.  When this happens, chances are the iPhone will work with US Cellular even if they don’t officially carry it.  Right now, people on the gsm network can crack the iPhone and unlock it by switching out the sim card inside and it’s then usable even if their provider doesn’t carry the phone.

We are all hoping that the iPhone eventually makes its way to US Cellular, but the competition has caught up and luckily US Cellular has decided to start bringing in the newest and hottest phones available to them.

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