US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Info

For US Cellular customers, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only true flagship phone available, but it also may be the best phone on the market.

Customers of smaller carriers often times feel the “grass is always greener” effect when it comes to the phones they’re missing out on. I know many US Cellular customers who wish they could have the iPhone 5, but I also know tons of Verizon customers with the iPhone 5 who are lamenting their purchases and wishing they would have gotten the S4.

My advice is that if you’re looking for the best phone available at US Cellular, get the Galaxy S4 and be happy that you have such a great phone available to you. The $99 upfront price is an added bonus that has customers of larger carriers thinking about jumping ship for a more customer friendly company like US Cellular.

Check out the video for a great review on the S4 and if you can adjust to the insanely large screen, I think you’ll be a happy camper with the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Hands On With The Samsung Mesmerize

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update, but their just hasn’t been that much going on since the big Christmas push. New phones will be hitting the shelves soon, but until that happens I figured I’d post a quick hands on video with the US Cellular Samsung Mesmerize. This is still the most popular android powered phone that US Cellular has in their arsenal so I thought it made sense to go back and feature it while we wait for the new stock. Here’s the video:

With the new Froyo update, this phone boasts the newest Android OS on the market which should keep it relevant for quite a while. If you need a phone right now, I really wouldn’t stress much about picking this one up even thought it’s been out for a while. The updates will keep coming, and this Samsung Galaxy series has been well received by most consumers.

That’s it for now, but check back soon as we’re checking for daily news updates on what’s next for US Cellular Phones.

US Cellular Adding LG Optimus U

A new Android phone is now being offered by US Cellular for the holidays. It is the new LG Optimus U, a 2.2 Froyo-toting phone that may be yours for free after an $80 rebate. This is definitely a good offer.

Optimus U is actually just like the LG Optimus S. The letter at the end signifies the carriers where the “S” means Sprint and “U” mean US Cellular. There is also an Optimus T which is being carried by T-Mobile.

The phone has a 3.2 inch display, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2 GB pre-installed Micro SD card which can be expanded to 32 GB, Wifi and a Swype onscreen keyboard. It also has a 600 MHz CPU which is not really the fastest one out there, but its speed is certainly enough to get you to different sites or wherever you want rather fast. Running the phone on Android 2.2 is an advantage since you can enjoy using it more with a little help from the JIT compiler.

You may find mail-rebates irritating, but $80 that you will get back certainly isn’t a bad offer. This Android handset can be best described as a smartphone. It is LG’s entry level product for this type of phones. It has high-end specs for 2009, but just around the mid-range for the present time. However, the phone does performs well and possess satisfying features. US Cellular must be pleased for having this phone as one of their products.

This new LG Optimus U is perfect for anyone who’s looking for their first smartphone and for those who may have limited budget. Loyal US Cellular customers must be excited for this since they may get the phone for free! It’s the best deal there is. But if a QWERTY keyboard-sliding type phone is what you’re looking for, you may want to try the LG Apex Ally for only $5. And for a better phone with more features, you may want to see The Samsung Mesmerize, or HTC Desire.

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