US Cellular Adds Motorola Grasp

As we covered briefly in our post about the new Motorola phone lineup, US Cellular will now add the Motorola Grasp.

Motorola Grasp US Cellular

The phone is available now, and with a full QWERTY keyboard, it will make a great phone for people that like to text, or want to surf the web without the cost of the new Android phone plans. Other features that prove it’s a phone built for communication are the advanced contact search and the thread messaging tools. Even though it’s kind of hard to see in the image above, you can sneak a peek at what the messaging screens look like.

In our other post, we mentioned this is basically a smaller version of the blackberry, and we aren’t the only ones to notice. Many of the reviews I’ve read have mentioned how much it reminded them of a Blackberry phone. It weighs less than 4 ounces which make it a portable phone that’s more powerful and user friendly than most other entry level phones available. At only $39.99 after contract and mail-in-rebate, it’s a very affordable phone and should be a popular choice through the holiday season.

Motorola US Cellular Phones

Motorola is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world so it’s no surprise US Cellular has a stable of their phones available to customers. I’d like to cover which Motorola phones are currently available, a short overview of each, and links if you’d like to find out more.

Motorola - US Cellular

Motorola Crush – This phone has a large full touchscreen (2.8″ to be exact) and includes a good number of features. Camera + camcorder, SD card compatible, Bluetooth, and a music player. The only downside is that some customers think the screen is still too small to be a good html internet browser.

Motorola Grasp – A powerful little package, the Motorola Grasp could be considered a “Blackberry lite”. A full QWERTY keyboard with trackpad is a great feature, but it comes at the cost of a smaller screen. Bluetooth and expandable SD memory are also standard. While this isn’t up to par with a lot of the new fully featured phones on the market it is a great phone and perfect for people that love to text.

Motorola Quantico W845 – Built to military specification, you know this phone is built for any environment. You can even put it in water up to 3 feet deep for 30 minutes, try that with an iPhone! It has a camera, camcorder, and a great battery. If you are hard on your phones, it’s safe to say that this is a GREAT choice.

Hopefully this rundown will help you out when deciding which Motorola phone to choose when shopping at US Cellular.

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