Samsung Mesmerize Coming To US Cellular

US Cellular has decided to continue to expand their Smartphone lineup with the Samsung Mesmerize. The Mesmerize is part of Samsungs Galaxy S series and will help US Cellular reach their promise of 5 Smartphones being introduced in 2010 (This is their fourth , and their third Android phone.)

This new phone is similar to the other Galaxy S phones, with very similar internal features and only slight cosmetic differences, but this will also be loaded with proprietary US Cellular programs like the Navigator Deluxe and City ID. US Cellular has been left out of the big time competition with the Droid and iPhone, but they are on the right track by building relationships with these secondary companies. Samsung, HTC, and LG who plans to release 2 Smartphones through US Cellular later this year are all innovating as quickly as any company and should have a real competitor to the Big 2 sooner rather than later.

The current release date is set for October 27th and prices are claimed to be $199 after an $80 mail in rebate. It will run with Android 2.1 out of the box, but US Cellular has claimed that it will be upgraded to 2.2 by the end of the year.

Reviews aren’t currently available, but the Galaxy S phones have a strong track record among users and we expect this phone to be no different. We will update this post or write a full review once customers get a chance to get their hands on the new phone.

HTC Desire – Video Introduction

Now that US Cellular has released the HTC Desire I figured this would be a good time to post up the intro video from HTC. This is only part 1 so here are the other videos in the series.

Part 2 – Make It Mine
Part 3 – Stay Close
Part 4 – Discover The Unexpected

The videos are top notch, which isn’t a surprise to anyone that owns an HTC product. Since the release, US Cellular has gotten a huge boost in sales, and quite a bit of good press. It looks like the migration into smartphones has gone well so far, and I think the trend will continue.

The HTC Desire is only one of five Android enabled phones US Cellular will introduce this year, but it may end up being the most popular. When they first announced the phone, I figured the Samsung Galaxy phone would most likely overshadow the Desire, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Reviews have been outstanding, and many US Cellular customers are rushing into stores wondering if they are eligible for the new iPhone competitor.

Yes, you read it right. Many consumers are actually calling this HTC phone a serious contender to the iPhone, and even though that seems to be a long shot judging by the lesser features, the ease of use and ergonomics seem to be keeping the race respectable. Don’t expect the Desire to overtake the iPhone in sales anytime soon, but the fact that it’s even in the discussion is a huge compliment.

As always, we will keep you up to date on Desire updates and upgrades that come along.

Samsung Galaxy Series

Most people have seen this Samsung commercial that’s been running now for at least a month, but it doesn’t exactly go into depth so I figured it needed a little better explanation.

First of all, Galaxy S is actually a series of phones.  These are the current Galaxy phone currently on the market:

  • Samsung Captivate (AT&T)
  • Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile)
  • Samsung Epic (Sprint)
  • Samsung Fascinate  (Verizon)

Even though each phone has it’s own name, they are basically the same thing underneath.  All have the same 1 GHZ processor, Android OS, and the same type of screen.  They do differ slightly in the design cues and apps which helps to differentiate each from the other carriers.  Reviewers have been raving about the phones so far and US Cellular should be throwing their hat into the ring this Fall with their own Galaxy phone.  At that point the Android phones will ship with the updated 2.2 OS instead of version 2.1.

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